Cobras season schedule

If you're looking to attend a minor league basketball game or you want to support your local Kalamazoo basketball team, the Cobras, you've come to the right place. Below, you will find a schedule that includes upcoming games, events and fundraisers that our team will be participating in.

11/05/16Sat6pmGrand Rapids DangerKalamazoo Central H.S.Won 128-77
11/06/16Sun2pmTeam NetworkKalamazoo Central H.S.Won 155-105
11/12/16Sat6pmDetroit Fast ForwardKalamazoo Central H.S.Won 140-111
11/13/16Sun2pmMotor City ChargersKalamazoo Central H.S.Won 100-88
11/19/16Sat6pmNew Chicago FuryKalamazoo Central H.S.Lost 112-124 
11/20/16Sun2pmOakland County CowboysKalamazoo Central H.S.Won 97-87
12/04/16Sun2pmMuskegon LakehawksKalamazoo Central H.S.
12/10/17Sat6pmTBDKalamazoo Central H.S.


Sat6pmSteel City Yellow JacketsWings Stadium
01/07/17Sat2pmTeam NetworkKalamazoo Central H.S.
01/21/17Sat6pmOakland County CowboysKalamazoo Central H.S.
01/22/17Sun2pmIndy Naptown AllstarsKalamazoo Central H.S.
01/28/17Sat6pmCobras TournamentTBD
01/29/17Sun2pmCobras TournamentTBD
02/19/17Sun6pmDetroit Fast ForwardKalamazoo Central H.S.
03/04/17Sat6pmKentucky EnforcersWings Stadium