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Spencer update: 
11/10/16 At 3 am Spencer went in for his new heart. It was the day we all had been waiting for. The surgeons said that the surgery was a tough one. But Spencer sure is a trooper. 
Few things the surgeon told us yesterday heart is good, function, valves, but it's big, so they are keeping his chest open for approx 24-48 hours. Once they feel that the heart can take the pressure of his chest being closed they will do it. 
And because of having to leave his chest open, he also has to stay on the ventilator, (tube down his throat) and it raises his chances for infection. 
They also told us as they started to work on getting his heart ready to be removed, they needed to do chest compressions for 20 minutes, which could have caused some neurological problems such as a stroke, brain issues, etc. The man that did chest compressions on him said his heart never stopped but he just needed a little help. We won't know anything on that until he wakes and is able to do an exam after his chest is closed and after removing his breathing tube. Stay tuned for results on that. 
With Spencer having three previous surgeries it was very difficult to get into the diseased heart. His conduit they installed in 2012 was stuck to his chest cavity. With all this it developed a lot of scar tissue, which in turn, caused a lot of bleeding, Spencer lost a lot of blood, they gave him 14 units (or bags) and continued to bleed after the surgery for a very long time. They were finally able to get it stopped but are having to leave his chest open in case of bleeding again. His aorta was very compromised and that was also a source of bleeding, they repaired it while in there, as best as they could.
Spencer is very sick, the first 24-48 hours in recovery is going to be very critical and very difficult for him and all of us. 
Also his toe infection came back as staff which they are treating with several antibiotics. They are watching it hoping it won't spread. 
Please continue to pray for Spencer and his healing. Please include praying for our family to have peace and comfort through this. Thank you all for your support.

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