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  • Basketball with a purpose. Basketball with a mission.

  • Everyone is welcome in the Cobra community.

  • Welcome to Kalamazoo Cobras

    As Kalamazoo's first minor league basketball team, the Kalamazoo Cobras were introduced in 2015 as the Kalamazoo Pure. Relaunched and revamped for the 2016 season, they have adopted a new name but remain committed to acting as a positive force in the Kalamazoo and Portage communities.

    In the team's first season, they began with a 10-0 record and were Power Ranked #1 for three straight weeks for the entire ABA North Central Division Conference Champs. Dedicated to charity work, fundraising and working with local organizations to better their community, the Cobras hail from the area, work in the area and – most importantly – are invested in making the area a caring, forward-looking place to live.

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